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Who am I?  Not sure how to best answer that question.  I am many things to many people.

I am a priest in the Coptic Orthodox church – one of the oldest Christian faiths in the world – and I am now serving at St. Timothy & St. Athanasius church in Arlington, VA.

I am a proud father to the two best kids in the whole wide world – Michael Timothy Messeh and Elizabeth Theresa Messeh – and even more proud husband to Marianne – the best and most precious gift God ever gave me more than 14 years ago.

I am an avid sports fan and I love competing at just about anything.  Basketball, racquetball, softball, ping pong, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders …you name it!  If there’s a way to declare a winner and a loser, then I’m ready to play…and win :).

But most of all, I am just an ordinary guy who has been extraordinarily blessed by God.  I honestly can’t count all the good things that God has done for me and through me over the course of my life.  My goal is to passionately pursue God’s purpose for my life and help you do the same as well.



I created this blog because I believe God created each of us uniquely because He had a specific idea/plan/dream of how He wants our lives to look.  The purpose of this blog is to help you see where God wants you to be… how He wants you to live… what your life should look like and could look like if you allowed God to lead it for you.

My aim is to help you see that God is:

1.  REAL – He wants to be an active part of your life, not just someone we visit on Sundays.

2.  RELEVANT – He wants to make something spectacular and magnificent out of your life, something even greater than you can imagine or comprehend

3.  REWARDING – He wants you to smile and enjoy the process every day, knowing that you are in good hands and that He always has your best interests at heart

Showing that God is real, relevant and rewarding.  That’s my goal.  Welcome to my blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Abuna, would I be able to have your email? It is regarding private matters and would like your guidance. Thank you.

  • God’s daughter

    does God forgive someone for killing themselves being so desperate and can’t tolerate life

  • anthony r

    Hello Abona!

    I love the church and getting the blessing from God through prayer and seeing what he does through my life.

    I have a question for you lets see if you can help me out 😉

    To me, as a human, I do not see the eternal life being so appealing if it entails that I’d be praying and praising without ceasing (as said in the bible and the liturgy). Is it that my mind does not comprehend the greatness of God and the eternal paradise or…?

    Thank you from sweden!

    • The problem is you’re trying to put an eternal/infinite subject into a earthly/limited mind. Heaven won’t just be a really long church service. Heaven is something designed by our Creator to give us inexpressible joy. See John 14:1-3 and 1 Corinthians 2:9.

      Hope that helps Anthony.

  • Gina

    Hi Abuna,

    I’m a little obsessed about the way you preach!!! I’ve tried reaching out to you, I know it was a long shot but I tried anyway… 🙂 My family lives in Chicago and Ill be visiting next year in April 2017 and I will come to you in Arlington just for one live sermon and God willing a quick meet and greet. I always recommend your sermons to everyone I know. May God continue to bless you and guide your way and give you wisdom and all the blessings so that you may share with all of us who are thirsty for Jesus.

    Warm Regards,
    Gina-Sydney, AUS

  • Mira Farah

    Father Anthony, what is the best way to contact you?


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  • dn.

    Hi Abuna. I was wondering if you can help me out with something. I teach youth and many times I’ve been asked about fraternities and sororities. Usually my response to youth is to avoid such groups which most likely will lead to sin at some point. Maybe I am wrong or being harsh therefore i seek your guidance or opinion in regarding to joining fraternities and sororities. I noticed the Orthodox Church doesn’t speak much about this topic and it would be helpful to get a spiritual feedback from a Priest. I just want to make sure that I can adequately respond to the youth while at the same time maintain the Orthodox biblical tradition. I know you are busy and I apologize to bother you with this but your response is greatly appreciated. Even you respond in one sentence, it still helps. Thank you and please pray for me a great sinner. (P.S.: This topic is popular and It would be great if you could do a sermon on this one day).

  • Marian

    Hi abouna are you giving sermons in Toronto prior to the Thanksgiving retreat like what you did last year? Thanks

  • Gregory Anthony

    It was great to hear you on The Anchor Radio, Abouna. It is wonderful to hear ALL Orthodox Christians coming onto an Eastern Orthodox media outlet!

  • Hello Fr. Anthony Messeh, I’m finding God In My Everyday Life. I really would like to attend the Coptic Orthodox Church at St. Timothy St. Athananius Coptic Church, to get re-baptized, remake my first holy communion and get re-conformed into the Coptic Orthodox Faith. However, I am currently an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and would like to get re-baptized into the Coptic Orthodox Church and faith. I also would like to get into the church activities and get social services in housing, job assistance and so on. I live on 1719 Van Port Street Alexandria, VA 22303-2439. I would like to come to St. Timothy St. Athanius Coptic Orthodox Church this coming Sunday Morning. What time is the Devine Liturgy? Do you know? My phone number you can reach me at is my cell 703-798-0678 and my home 703-660-5923. I also would like a ride to church and back. Thank you very much. I really would like to get into the Coptic Orthodox Faith where I can stay in one church and keep it basic, simple and easy. I’m tired of changing and church hopping all the time. That drives me nuts!!!. Thank you.

  • Maria Tito

    Abouna what can you tell us with all the talks of the up coming September being the start of the book of revelations end of days. And also do we as Christians prepare for such a moment when we decline the mark of the beast

  • WM

    Dear Fr Anthony,
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful Sermons. God Bless you.
    I listened to a Sermon last year. I wanted to listen to it again but could ‘t find it.
    The Sermon was about worrying, we don’t need to worry about anything except , we only need to worry about things that won’t allow us to get into the Kingdom of God. You were giving examples like (so what etc…).
    Can you please post the link to that Sermon?
    Thank you so much. God Bless you.

  • sara

    Hello Fr. Anthony,

    I am from Ethiopia who lives in Germany and i am a member of Ethiopian Orthodox Church here where i live. God lead me to your sermon and i am attending your sermons for the last several weeks almost everyday. I have now word to tell you that your sermons lifting me up and knowing God more and more and more…….. And i thank my Lord for leading me to you and i know He is the one who is teaching me in you. May God bless you more and more… Glory to God for ever.

  • Hany Nicola

    Hello Abuna,
    I am Hany from California, I need to ask you a question about relationships, can you please post your e-mail?

  • Jasmine

    Hi Abouna Anthony,
    My name is Jasmine and I am coptic orthodox and I’ve been listening to your sermons and it is probably one of the best things I could have ever done. I would love to speak to you and tell you my story about my relationship, because right now I am lost. I’m hoping with the guidance of God and your guidance as well. That I could get some answers. Please consider talking to me in private of the issues I would like to address to you.

    Thank you,

  • Emmy

    Hello Abouna, Thank u so much for all ur posts. Me and My family have been listening to all your sermons and it is helping all of us a lot! I am not sure if there is a possibility to talk to u and have your advice on a personal issue…please advise?
    I also want to know if u have any sermons or posts about visions and miracles? I am so confused by this topic and I cant find a good resource on that? I also don’t want to mention specific names in public but there are someone in our area that claims that sees visions and I have seen things that truly happened and I am scared of a specific vision for me ….can you please advise or give me a contact to send a private message?
    Thank you

  • Dazza

    Hello Father I am Catholic but find your sermons enlightening thank you very much. Do you also practice the Jesus prayer and if so would you be kind enough to give us some guidance and advice?

    Best regards


  • fritz maier

    Father Messiah…i met you years ago at the Oakmarr Rec Ctr when you served at the Braddock Road location. I wish to offer you and your congregation my condolences for the 21 members of your faith that were slain by ISIS this past week. Feel free to contact me on my FaceBook if you wish. Fritz Maier, Gainesville, Virginia

  • biniyam

    Hello Father.
    I am from the ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH and i like your preachings very much.

    i would like it if you tried to somehow, talk about reunion of Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches. and if you would come to Ethiopia some day, i would like it Thankyou.

  • Eyrusalem

    Hey father Anthony I am a 16 years old trying to figure out how to be close to god. I am orthodox as well and I just want your thoughts about where I need to start. Please help. Oh and thank you for every thing that you have done for as May good bless you and your family and I will always pray for you as you pray for us. Thank you,

  • Larry

    Its a bit lengthy but I’m keen to hear what you think of this… why do you think this whole monologue is an accurate description of how so many youth who have grown up in the church now feel?

  • Guest

    Keen to hear what you think of this.. why does this whole monologue ring so true with so many youth?

  • Larry

  • Sally

    Salam Abouna, is there an account for the church fundraising so Aussies can share the blessing too

  • Elisa Joyner

    Fr. Messeh,

    I hope this finds you and your family well.

    On behalf of Bishop O’Connell High School’s Class of 1994,
    I’d like to cordially invite you and your family to our 20th reunion
    set to take place the weekend of Oct 4th/5th.

    Please feel free to contact me privately should you have any questions.


    Lisa Joyner (Montano)

  • AJ

    Father Anthony,
    I’m a former Protestant convert to the Greek Orthodox Church. A big problem for many Protestants looking at Orthodoxy is that they often feel that they don’t get “fed” with messages and lessons that are as intellectual or dynamic as the Protestant tradition, and as the Liturgy is foreign to them, this is primarily how they view “Spirit led” the Church they are attending may or may not be. This is why Protestants so often split into various factions, following the trend, fad, or personality which most appeals to them at any given moment. The reason I mention all of this is that there are not many Orthodox resources that one can find on the internet (in comparison with the voluminous Protestant resources) in which an Orthodox teacher captures the imagination, intellect and Spirit all at once. You embody such a charisma however, and I thank God for your videos and sermons online. Thank you for your witness to Christ.

    • Dimea Patro

      Hello AJ, I understand, I am a convert to Catholicism from the Pentecostal Church and everything was about being ‘Spirit led’ in my previous fellowships. Whilst of course being a Catholic it is still about being ‘Spirit led’, there is generally little of the dynamism and spontaneity of Pentecostalism. However there are exceptions to the rule such as what you see at Franciscan University of Steubenville and also speakers such as Deacon Harold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AvBD5UQJeA…I still walk in the extraordinary gifts of the Spirit, i.e. tongues, healing, prophecy etc, but I am still getting to learn and appreciate the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass! Thanks for your comment, I just thought I would write a little ramble as I appreciate where you are coming from!!

  • Fikreselassie Abey




    More often than not, people heard asking
    this question at least once in a day, if not in an hour. Do you really want to
    know what God’s will is in your life? Here is the answer:-

    The successful persons are two kinds:

    1. They know God’s will.

    2. They do God’s will…

    If you do those two things, nothing else
    matters. There is nothing better in the world than knowing God’s will and live
    in His wills. There is no greater feeling in the world than you are in the will
    of God; since you feel invincible…you feel that you are at the top of the

    The question remains, “how can you
    figure out God’s will in your life??”

    Sometimes we think of God’s will in an incorrect way that we have
    misconceptions about His wills. But God’s will is not “hide and seek”
    as many of us think it is.

    Does God want you to know His wills? Of course, and do we want to know His
    wills? Of course…so it should be easy because I want to get something and He
    wants to give it to me…

    Knowing God’s will is not something that difficult. It is not something that
    requires rocket science, calculus…

    The reason that sometimes we can’t find the will of God is because we’re
    looking for the wrong thing. It is not because it’s hard to find, but we’re not
    looking for the right thing.

    Before we look what God’s will is, let’s see what is not…


    Sometimes people mix their feelings with
    His will. But the feelings are fluctuating upon the weather, your status, mood,

    You can’t trust your feelings. So do not mix your feelings with God’s will. You
    might feel “happy” or “sad”, but do not say it is God’s
    will that makes you happy or sad!!


    Sometimes people say, “If you got a problem, do this and that and fix the
    problem”. But God’s will is not a vending machine that you order it!

    Some people also imagine “read the Bible and God will tell you what He
    wants you to do…” It might be true, but it is not simple that you read
    the Bible and do whatever it says…

    For example, most of us want to get married one day, but God will never say
    that “Hanna, Marriam, Hiwot, Kidist, .. Is the one for you!”. It means, it
    is not necessary that you do things step by step. There is no formula in God’s

    The thing about having this kind of formula approach, that if you do A B C and
    you’ll get this and that…, doesn’t take into account the major part of life,
    which is our humanity -our making mistakes every time!!

    Sometimes people think if you made a mistake in life and you one’s missed God’s
    will, then that will be the end of the world!! But God’s will is not a closed
    system. It is a dynamic thing!!

    The good news is, God’s will accounts for our mistakes. In fact if you made a
    mistake, it doesn’t mean you can never be in God’s will again!!

    Sometimes we say, “I made a wrong decision, therefore I am out if His
    wills for the rest of my life!” Never in the Bible say that!! For example,
    Mosses, the man of God, once killed a man which is out of God’s will. God’s
    will accounts for your mistake and gives you a chance to get back in. Isn’t it
    good news? Of course it is!!

    God’s plan is much bigger than our mistakes!! God’s plan for our life to make
    us like Christ, love to pray, Bible missionaries… is much bigger than our
    mistakes we commit long time ago or almost every day.

    Since now we have seen, God’s will is not a formula and not a feeling! So what
    is God’s will for my life…

    (To be continued)

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  • Jane

    Hello Abouna,

    I was hoping that you might be willing to give some guidance on a question. As William Blake put it, “I know the glory of Christianity is to conquer through forgiveness”. I also know that our God is just and accordingly in Romans 12:19 it says, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”. Now what is the line between desiring justice and desiring vengeance? Is there even one? And how is it more acceptable to desire justice from God’s hands rather than one’s own? I am not advocating for approval of vendettas but rather how can one truly forgive while DESIRING and WAITING for God to reap vengeance? The very two ideas seem contrary to me. Whether repaying is by His hand or yours, ill-will is at the core of it.

    May God always bless your service,

  • emo

    Hi Abouna, this is emo from CopticWorld.org. we have a donation for HG Bishop Michael but I dont know how to contact him. Do you have his phone number or mailing address to where this money can go?

  • emo

    hi abouna, its emo from CopticWorld.org. The mid south atlantic diocese (Bishop Michael) received a donation on CopticWorld. My team has not been successful in figuring out where to send this money. Can you please send the address to support@CopticWorld.org. Also, you are so inspirational to so many of our users. Please consider making an account on CopticWorld.org. I will send you an invitation today. Please pray for me.

  • Emo

    Hi Abouna. STSA got a donation on CopticWorld. Can you please send the address to mail the donation to to support@CopticWorld.org. Thank you

  • H

    Dear Abune, i don’t have any words to tell you how much difference you have made in my life. it is only a few months ago i had a chance to hear you teach. i’m from ethiopia and sometimes the way we are thought about the bible is very hard to relate with our daily lives, but ever since i started listening to you, i find my self using the things you say in my everyday life. i wanted to take this moment to let you know you that have such an amazing impact in my friends and my life. Thank you.

  • simon

    Hello Fr. My name is Simon, I am an Orthodox Christian living in the Uk. I am a Greek Orthodox, though for some time worship at the local Orthodox Church of the exarchate of western Europe.
    I like your preaching and youtube articles etc.
    can you help me witness Orthodoxy to a dear friend who has of recent become a messianic christian. Seemingly sola scriptural in thinking. We have long debates, but he just cant see the Orthodox way. He clings to his own interpretation of scripture, believes that only his view and that of his fellowship is correct, that all Orthodox preach salvation by works/sacramentalism, are the same as roman Catholics and cannot back up our theology scripturally, are anti Semitic etc etc. He doesn’t believe in infant baptism or the sacraments of the Church or our authenticity, that we are false teacher’s etc.
    please help.
    love in Christ. Simon

  • Che

    Hello all there!!! God bless us always..i just wanna ask if where i can get priest advice from optic orthodox church…thank you

  • galatian

    Fr. Messeh,

    Thank you very much for your sermon on The Book of James. Finding it on YouTube was a marvelous discovery, as I have been searching for a truly Bible-based study of the will of God and the word of the Lord. I look forward to exploring OrthodoxSermons and hearing more from you….

  • Jason

    The station on which I’ve been watching Fr.Anthony’s talks will close on 31 December here in Australia. (I don’t have access to the ‘set top box’.) I’m glad you have this blog. I will visit this site when I can,but suffice to say,I have enjoyed,and also been challenged,by your talks each week. It’s a great gift to make someone smile,and say ‘ouch’ at the same time. God bless,and “Thanks for the (Bible) memories.”

  • Eyerusalem Michael

    Dear Fr Anthony

    You are blessed in many way thanks to God because Meny of us benefit from it too. you preaching help me to direct myself with christan mannur. Now I strongly belive that I will benefit from your prayer! Please please remember me in your prayer??? God knowes what I am asking, above all what is good for me!! I am not going to tell you for which specific matter but I am in despair at the moment.

  • AustinEx

    Wanted to thank you for your sermons. Bless you and don’t stop.

  • cynthia curran

    Pope Timothy III of Alexandria, the Godly Empress Theodora, and Patriarch
    Anthimus I of Constantinople

    A Missed Opportunity for Reconciliation (Because of Rising Roman Papal

    In the reign of Justinian the patronage accorded to Non-Chalcedonians by his
    wife Empress Theodora raised hopes for reconciliation. Severus of Antioch went
    to Constantinople where he fraternized with the ascetical Patriarch Anthimus I
    of Constantinople (535-536 A.D.; commonly labelled by Chalcedonians as a
    Monophysite), who had already exchanged friendly letters with him and with the
    Non-Chalcedonian Coptic Pope Theodosius of Alexandria (535 to 566 A.D.).

    Theodosius was preceded by Timothy III (517 to 535 A.D.), the Coptic Pope
    associated with the great repentance and conversion of Empress Theodora while
    she was in Alexandria.[http://www.roman-emperors.org/dora.htm]

    She helped to get rid of Pimps by influencing her husband the Emperor Justinian to punish pimps in the Justinian Code. Theodora and Justinian converted a nunnery for women that wished to have a placed when they left prostitution. Theodora and Justinian were one of the first two rulers to deal with prostitution. Theodora before she met Justinian had an affair with a man who was the governor of the Pentapolis or modern Libya she left him and met Pope Timothy the 3rd and was converted to Christianity around 520.

  • ine negne

    What a blessing this blog has been to me is something I will not be able to describe in words. May He the source of amazing things bless you richly, Abouna!!!

  • Needy2help

    Hey abouna. I have alot of summaries of your sermons because i listen to u alot hehe. But i really wanted to go viral and share it with people, cos the words that God put on your mouth can be extremely helpful to alot of people. Do u have an idea of how i can do this?

    • Mathew

      @needy2help:disqus I would really love some of these summaries, if you don’t mind 🙂
      If you can email me at msalama91@hotmail.com, I’d appreciate it.
      Thanks and God bless!

  • Fanus


    Hello Abuna,

    I am a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church I have been following your sermons and your blogs for sometime. I can’t tell you enough how much your sermons have uplifted my spirits on many occasions. I am learning so much from your sermons. God is doing greats things through you. I pray that God continues to pour His grace and wisdom upon you!!

    May God bless you for all your service.

  • Nancy Goddard

    Hi Abouna,

    I had to put a sincere message of thanks to you. Myself and my husband have been listening to you pretty much daily for the past few years now from the UK. You are an important honorary member of our family. All your hard work has revolutionised our spiritual lives and relationships with God. Your dedication, love for God and terrific charisma shows through all the time in your sermons. We recommend you all the time particularly to our church youth. We would love to meet you and thank you in person when you next come to the UK. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts you have been one of the most influential people in our lives. We listen to your bible studies all the time and our days are just not quite complete if we didn’t get a message from the Holy Spirit via your good self. We admire you and wonder how you manage all your different responsibilities. We also wanted to encourage you to never give up what you are doing (you have mentioned you get some critical people commenting about you). You are a truly gifted speaker and you have been blessed by God to do this fine work. You are absolutely wonderful and have a beautiful family. Please know you have probably saved our lives by bringing us closer to God when we were most distant and you are constantly changing and saving lives all over the world. Please never lose hope and continue your good and blessed work. Thank you so much again and thank God for creating and gifting you to guide us and teach us.

    God bless you and your family.
    Kind regards,
    Nancy and Mark Goddard

  • Tamalyn

    Abouna…. You have quite a list of people who would like to have an inkling of what lives inside you to live inside of them!!! I, being one of them! God has blessed you with the gift of speaking boldly with truth and tough love for this is what brought me back to the Coptic Church after 8 years. Thanking you would be empty… There are no words I can formulate to express how Christ Jesus saved my soul from dissemination and destruction through your sermons.
    I truly hope it does not overwhelm you how much you mean to so many. I live in NC and merely found your sermon late one evening while trying to find a Coptic Liturgy to calm the torrent wrestling that was going on… I found Abouna Bishoy Mauritus from Sharm El Sheik and then I found you. 3 months have passed and your blue toothed wherever we go I am still being wrestled but for the first time with complete resolute God is with me.. My family hopes to meet you soon at your church while standing in line for a piece of Arbonna to have you look into our eyes to see the gratitude we have for the Holy Gift we now have back in our lives.

    See you soon

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  • Michael

    HI Father Anthony, I have this English assignment and requires me to write a letter to a hero of mine, I picked you, in order for me to send it to you I need an address can you give me the address to your church or any place easy for you? Thanks

  • Marena

    Hi Abouna,
    We all love you here in Australia!!! We’re all hoping that you can come down for a visit… it will truly be a blessing 🙂

  • Narimen

    Hello Abuna,

    First of all I would love to thank you for these all hard work you putting for our guidance. Abuna I am an orthodox christian and young married women. Since I got married I been struggling in my marriage life which is almost 3years now. However, since I have started listening to your sermons I can see some changes in my marriage life. Abuna, if you allow me, I wish to talk with you in private and share all my issues in order to receive a guidance where can make my relationship with God stronger. Abuna please help me, I love God but I am a poor lady in spirit.

    kindest regard,


  • John Rossomando

    Abouna My boss wants to do a documentary on what life in Egypt is like today under the Brotherhood for IPT. I’d like to talk with you about it, and see if you might be able to help. It would likely get national attention.

  • Hello Father,

    May ask you a question?

    In Ethiopian Orthodox Church, we have very celebrated saint (monk, hermit), originally from Egypt. The name of this Holy Father is “Abune Gebre Menfesi Kidus” [literal English translation of his name is “Servant of Holy Spirit”] and the fifth day of every month of Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Calendar belongs to him (and his feast-day are (a) fifth day of the 2nd month; (b) fifth day of the seventh month; (c) fifth day of the 11th month).

    Since he is originally from Egypt, I was wondering whether Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church honor him as Saint (for instance, there is “Saint Takla Haymanot Coptic Orthodox Church” in Egypt by the name of Ethiopian hermit “Saint Takla Haymanot”). When I make random search I found the Egyptian monk “Saint Macarius of Egypt” whose picture very similar to “Abune Gebre Menfesi Kidus”.

    Thus my question is: does the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church celebrate this
    Egyptian-born, Ethiopian-honored saint “Abune Gebre Menfesi Kidus”? If so, what
    do you call him?

    Many apologies for long message. I look forward to getting a
    reply from you.

    I thank you in our Savior’s name.


    • Sorry Adane. I have never heard of such a person before. Sorry.

      • Thank you for the reply.

        • Vina

          I think you are talking about Fr. Abdel Messeh Al Habashy. I don’t think he was born in Egypt but came to Egypt to become a monk. His name before the ordination was “Gabra”.

    • Henok Haile

      Dear Adane if you contact me via henoktsehafi@gmail.com I have somthing to tell you on this issue Henok Haile

      • Mira Makram

        hi adane i’m from Egypt & if i’m right then yes we know him as abuna ” abd el messih ” of ethiopia ,who walked all the way from Ethiopia to Egypt .. he’s a great saint & if he’s the one you’re talking about then he lived a while with pope kirelos in the desert & also abuna anthony el baramosy who became pope shenoda III

        • henok haile

          Dear Mira, He is referring about another Saint Gebra Menfes Kidus. He is Egyptian born, but his lifetimewas in Ethiopia & there is a great monastery named after HIm at the mountain of Ziquala in Ethiopia. Iheard & read about Fr. Abed al Messiah the Ethiopian & how the Coptic church honored Him. But he is not known by Ethiopians as you Copts do not know Gebre Menfeskidus the hermit. This shows that theborderlessness of our orthodox church & How we accept the holy life of Saints no matter where they come from.

    • Michael Farag

      Did you mean Fr. Abd el-Mesih al-Habashi (Abûnâ)? a berif of his life ” http://www.dacb.org/stories/eritrea/abuna_abd_el_mesih.html


  • John Doe

    Hey abouna. I was hoping u could write a blog about simply the trap of not greeting people you know, which i know sounds really stupid. However, I really really realised it can be SO detrimental, if you see somebody you know and fail to say hi (not at the mall, just like even at church). It seems reallly small at first, but it does so much bad – it builds conflict, destroys relationships, sows enmity and resentment – its simply one of those little foxes that we do all the time (well I do), but causes such incredible damage.

  • Nada

    Hi Abouna Anthony, will you be at the Passion Retreat this year?

  • Bishoy

    Hey Abouna. Is there a way we can ask you a question or share with u an idea in a private way? Like email u for example.

  • Mirola

    Abouna, I’m trying to help my sister with subscribing for news alerts from your blog, but I can’t find the link on the newly redone site

    • Yep, it seemed to have disappeared for a little bit, but it’s back now. It should be on the right hand sidebar, near the top of the page. Thanks for the heads up that it disappeared.

  • doesnt matter

    whyd you break off from st marks?

  • Ragaa Hope Ishak

    God Bless your service Father Anthony! I cherish the time when you visited us in California for Steve and Nadia’s engagement. I follow you on twitter and read your blog.

  • Nader Abadir

    Just a note of thanks for the blog, Abuna. Keep writing!

  • Emmanuel John

    Hi Abouna, I like this website its nice how do I overcome bad thoughts, please keep me in your prayers thank you God Bless

  • Robi

    Hi Abouna, i really like your vidoes.. and i would like to ask for an advice from u, from a teenager who is going throught depression and anixety. How can i overcome them? does reading slef-help books help.. or just faith in Jesus is enough? how can i just overcome them Abouna?

  • Emo

    Hi Abouna. I am one of the admins of CopticWorld.org and I love your blogs and articles. I sometimes post them on our homepage. I hope you don’t mind. I would love to invite you to join our platform. In the very least I hope you don’t mind us sharing them on our homepage. Please pray for me.

    • Absolutely. Feel free to share whatever you like. Thanks for asking Emo. May God bless your service.

  • Nanc

    Hi Abouna, I would like to contact you thru email to ask about some advice, can you please post it? thank you

  • George

    Hi Fr Anthony, my name is George and I am from Sydney Australia. I love listening to your sermons and my wife and my beautiful three kids will be in the USA at leonardtown MD from 22nd Dec to 27 Dec and was wandering if this is anywhere near your church and weather you will be giving a sermon around that time so myself and my family may be blessed with your spiritual words. My email is gwahby@bigpond.com many thanks George wil also be in NY from 27th Dec to 4 Jan.

  • Agape

    Hi Father Anthony, I have been listening to you sermons for some time now and the last one’ Do I really need church’ was really what I needed to hear, I live in Bermuda and I would like to start doing missionary work here. I was encouraged by Fr. Isaac, who is the priest in charge to write to you and ask if you have a program that I could study to help me get started. I would love to come and visit you and your church someday. i look froward to hearing from you. Agape

  • Melissa

    Fr. Anthony Messeh,

    I just wanted to express my gratitude at the great work you have done with this blog and your sermons. I am a recent convert to the Coptic Orthodox faith. ( I am a newlywed to both my husband and the Church! ). I have not had an easy time adjusting, and in fact, have had some difficulties embracing the Coptic Church. However, anytime I’ve ever felt doubtful or frustrated – I have turned to your writings/teachings and I always breathe a sigh of relief. Finally! You have a beautiful gift for making things both relatable and understandable. Your writing and words give me hope that not only can I have a deeper relationship with God, but also a better, mutual relationship with the Church. Thanks!!!

    • Thank you very much Melissa. I appreciate your kind words. I am just doing my job and using the gifts God has given me. But I thank you very much for your encouraging comment.

      God must have known that I needed it today!

  • monica

    Hi abouna 🙂

    I just emailed you but i’m not sure if I sent it to a proper email, so I thought I’d comment on your page just in case…
    My name is Monica and i’m from Australia. I LOVE listening to your sermons and i’ve always wanted to meet you in person to tell you that. If I ever go to America, God willing I will 🙂
    I’m just sending you this email to ask if you could write a blog on the HSC. I’m not sure what Americans call it but its the High School Certificate. It’s our final exams of school that determine which course and university we go to. The HSC starts in 2 days and i’m not prepared at all and I wanted to ask you to pray for me and also write a blog that might help me through it, but that’s only if you’ve got time though, I know you’ve got a tight schedule…Thank you!

    May God bless you and your family 🙂

  • disqus_JB6befJxHd

    Hi Abouna, I would really like to get your advice on something relating to your sermon ‘not even a hint’ and my job. Is there an e.mail I can e.mail you on just for a quick question.

  • WeakButBlessed

    Hi abouna,

    You are doing some good work. Keep it up, and please remember to remind the youth why they are so lucky to be ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS . It is your responsibility to do this.

    We can’t resemble other denominations who have a self-interpreted Christ, and I know you are very knowledgeable about Orthodoxy and can gladly incorporate hints of FOUNDATIONAL theology (i.e. the bare essentials like the Divinity of Christ) and sayings of the fathers (like Athanasius, Chrysostom etc) into your sermons to give a sense of discipleship to our Fathers who handed us the faith.

    Thank you, and pray for me Father. I kept my name confidential so there’s nothing personal. I love what you’re doing, you’re bringing people to IC XC , you have a gift.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it very much. I’ll pray for you and you do the same for me.

  • Anon

    Dear abouna, I just wondered is there a personal email I can ask you some questions on without it being all over your blog? I have so much to ask. I don’t know where I’d be without your sermons, they’ve helped me so much… but I still have so many doubts I was wondering if you could cover them with me (I don’t live in America) via email.

  • Lidya

    Abouna, i am so glad you made this.This is so inspiring for a young lady like me.

    • “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” 1 Timothy 1:12

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  • Reham Salib

    Abouna, you are truly a blessing. You inspire me in every way! LOVE listening to your sermons, I hope they never end.. I’m blessed with a job that lets me work from home, where I can work on the computer and listen to your sermons all day! Thank you for being there. I pray that I will one day meet you 🙂

    Reham- from Australia

  • Neveen Aziz

    Dear Abouna,

    In your sermon Happily Ever After Part 1 you said the wife should have a character. For me character means self confidence, smart, sharp and quick. Strong personality. Not dominating over her husband, but still should have strong personality.
    So is this the type of character you mean?

    I’m not married, but it means a lot for me to know specifically what did you mean cuz I really like your opinion. I listen to only your sermons and I suggest them to my friends who are not Coptic Orthodox and they love it and we start sharing our opinion together. I added your blog to my favourites and I check it almost every day too.

    Thanks Abouna!
    Neveen Aziz

  • gbe

    Dear Fr Anthony

    I love your sermons and i listen to them always and to share it with others i have considered making an android app for them specifically i need your permission of course, it will just list sermons and people can watch/listen to them.

    Yours Sincerely

    • Fr. Anthony

      You got my permission to do whatever you want GBE. Good luck!

  • Tim

    Fr. Anthony,

    I am in the midst of watching and listening to your lectures. I am in a pretty dark place right now, and God is giving me hope through you. Keep up the good work, and please keep up the wonderful talks that you give. I have learned so much.

    God bless you,


  • milad hanna

    hey abouna i would like it if i can have achat concerning some thoughts i had iam from canada. so please let me know .

  • Michael

    Hello Abouna

    You truly are a blessing in my life. I stumbled on your sermons when I was going through some bad problems in my life and was starting to doubt my faith and you helped me to hold strong in my faith. When I felt hopeless you helped me find hope in God. Do not doubt yourself and know that you are doing God’s work. I will pray for you.

    Thank you so much,

    • Fr. Anthony

      Thank you Michael. I appreciate that very much.

  • Sallie


    You are always so inspiring! I would love to talk to you more as I need major prayers and need to achieve better faith at this scary crossroad in life I’m in right now? Would you mind privately emailing me at the address above? I’d love to call you and get your spiritual advice. God Bless!

  • George Hanna

    Hi father Anthony,
    I live in clearwater,fl and I watch your sermons a lot. I will be in Dc this weekend and wanted to meet you with my family. Can you tell me if I can come see you at church and when?

    Thank you for the wonderful words always

  • Loula Dellaportas

    Hi Father Anthony,

    I’ve heard so many of your sermons and continously get fresh revelation from the words that you preach, you appear to be a humble and devoted man of God. You are the real thing!

    Could you please give us the mailing address of St Timothy and St Athanasius church.

  • Basma

    Will we be able to still listen to your amazing sermons now that you’re in STSA??? If so, where can I access them?
    God bless your ministry

  • Miguel

    Hello Fr. Anthony,

    I’ve been wanting to send a note for the longest time… I am an Orthodox convert of 7 years and have been an active Orthodox for the past 2 and a half years. I serve with the youth ministry, have become and Ordained Deacon and attend our Diocese Seminary. I’ve spent a lifetime seeking comfort in God and can say that I’m finally at a place and time that was meant to be for me. Thank you for sharing and expanding my horizons.

    I have found so much comfort, joy and pleasure in your blog and pray that The Lord Bless You Indeed!!!

    In Christ,


  • Mark

    Xristos Anesti. Hi Abouna, I just had a question, I am planning on moving to Virgina for school this fall semester. I wanted to know where St. Timothy’s and St. Athanasius permanent locations will be. Thank you.

    • Fr. Anthony

      Arlington, VA is where we are located. Looking forward to meeting you soon Morgan.

  • Gabriella

    Hi abouna! I would like to thank you so much for this blog. It is truly an inspiration, i was so excited to find this blog, I listen to your sermons all the time, you give me great motivation to continue in times of doubt! Thanks so much again, and god bless. 🙂

    • Fr. Anthony

      Thank you for your kind words Gabriella. Please remember me in your prayers.

  • Meseret

    I am so happy I discovered your blog this morning!. I always watch your sermons on youtube and I always feel lifted afterwards. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox christian from London,UK and I hope you will come visit us here. Please think of me in your prayers. God bless you and your family.

    • Fr. Anthony

      Thank you for your comment Meseret. I appreciate it very much. No plans of coming to the UK any time soon, but only God knows where any of us will be tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Denise Michaels

    I never met you but I feel that you are a great priest. I am married to a Coptic man for 34 years.
    I would like you to put me in your prayers for our four children ,son in law and our two grandchildren.
    We live in Bellinghamm Wa one hour away from Vancouver BC where we go to the Coptic church almost every Sunda.
    I love your picture with your family and God bless you always.

    • Fr. Anthony

      Thank you Denise. I appreciate the nice words and the warm thoughts. May God bless you and your family and help you to live for the glory of His Name.

  • sam

    Iam a big fan since day first I saw you abouna on CYC ,, pray for us, and May the Lord bless your work and help you to show his people the way to his love …. I pray that we can have the to see you on day in Nashville, TN

    • Fr. Anthony

      Thanks for your prayers and for your encouraging words Sam. May God bless you.

  • Elizabeth Gayed

    We are blessed to have you in our lives, Abouna! May the grace of God be with you and your family- always. Please pray for me.

    In Christ,


    • admin

      Thank you Liza. I appreciate it very much.

      Fr. Anthony

      • agazit

        Dear Fr.Anthony, I am christian who acts like Atheist. I am a mother of 3 small kids. I felt like am in danger and I don’t want my kids to be in danger too. I need your help!!!

  • Marlene

    My God bless you and your family. Although I have only heard your sermons through the net I completely agree with you regarding your last blog about the internet. 🙂 Please visit us in Dallas sometime. Keep me in your prayers PLEASE.

  • Faith Benjamin

    May God Continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry service! Please remember my family and me in your payers! Especially David and John, it’s been a rough year, need your prayers and spiritual support…

    BTW-love the blog!

    All the Best,
    Faith N Family 🙂