It’s Week 3 of REAL TALK: Adventures in Love, Sex & Dating and this week, we’re focusing on the ladies!

In this message, Dr. Kurt Langenbach speaks about the Biblical model for womanhood and how God views the role of a wife in marriage.  He tackles the sensitive topic of “submission” and explains what it means in marriage and more importantly, what you need to do TODAY to be ready to fulfill this role TOMORROW.

Ladies, make sure you check out this message.  And get ready for next week’s message, titled “Real Talk: THE TALK.”  Stay tuned…

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Cannot Connect

July 31, 2015 — 2 Comments
This is a guest post from Maureen Henen – a undergraduate student in Australia, who has appeared on this blog before.  In this post, Maureen articulates one of the greatest challenges of our modern era and the effect that it has on our ability to connect to God – an important topic that we all need to pay attention to.  And if you too are interested in guest posting on my blog, please visit my Guest Post guidelines for more info.


I am sitting here on my 5 hour flight flying across the country – from East Coast to West Coast – and I am dead bored!  I tried sleeping; but that only lasted an hour.  I need something to keep me occupied so where do I turn to?  Where does one go in this modern world when bored and looking to pass time?

To our trusty friend… TECHNOLOGY!  He’s never let me down…

…until just now.  This is how it went:

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Still on my annual summer blogging hiatus but hopefully you’re enjoying all of the relationship & dating posts that I’m sharing instead.  This one is worth it for the intro video alone.  This makes me laugh every time I watch it!  And if you’re married or engaged or in a serious relationship, you can probably relate as well.  Enjoy!

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it.  That factor is attitude.”  William James

Never is that more true than in marriage.  There is no such thing as a marriage that doesn’t have conflict.  The only marriages that don’t have conflict are the ones where they aren’t trying – where either one or both of the people involved have simply given up.

Conflict is the most difficult part of marriage – it’s the part that can be a cause of a tremendous pain and hurt.  But I believe that conflict doesn’t always need to be negative.  Conflict can actually strengthen a marriage [or any relationship for that matter], if we simply learn to follow some Biblical principles on how to fight fair.  In fact, conflict is often times the very thing that catapults relationships to new heights and new depths.

Therefore, I believe the following:  the goal of marriage is not to be conflict-free.  The goal is to handle the conflict correctly when it occurs. 

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Week 2 of REAL TALK: Adventures in Love, Sex & Dating and this week, we’re talking specifically to the gentlemen (don’t worry ladies, it’ll be your turn next week!).

In this message, Deacon Michael Guirguis speaks about the one piece of advice that every single (and married) guy needs to hear.  And that is with regard to how we view women in society today.  If we want to have a marriage according to God’s plan, then we need to change how we see women.

What am I talking about?  Check out the video and see for yourself.

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America, Bless God!

July 24, 2015 — 2 Comments
This is a guest post from a longtime friend of mine, Mena Yousef.   Mena is a graduate of the Public Administration program at George Mason University and has over 12 years of experience in technology and emerging markets.  You can follow Mena on twitter @menayousef.  And if you too are interested in guest posting on my blog, please visit my Guest Post guidelines for more info.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
the people He has chosen as His own inheritance.”  (Psalm 33:12)

NOTE:  This is a follow up to Fr. Anthony’s 4th of July post, “A Call to Prayer” by Ben Franklin.  If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you check it out.bless god america

In Ben Franklin’s prayer at the Constitutional Convention, you could see that he was a man struggling to find answers. And he also knew that if he didn’t call upon the Lord’s help, they would have been right back at square one.

When I first read that prayer, I thought about America’s current struggles and thought to myself: “Every single word that Ben Franklin uttered can be said today.

Franklin and the rest of the founding fathers were in a pickle. Their prayers and genuine cries for help to the Lord paved the way for the birth of a nation.

God truly blessed them. And in turn, they blessed God by injecting Him into the foundation of America.  

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In light of all the buzz about our latest series, REAL TALK: Adventures in Love, Sex & Dating, here’s another “relationship” post.  This one is one of my all time favorites as I talk about how I view my marriage with my wife, Marianne.  Hope you enjoy.

(My brother Steve, his bride Nadia and her parents)
May 2010

“Do all that is good for her.  Have compassion on her and always hasten to do that which will gladden her heart.”  Excerpt from Orthodox wedding ceremony

I was honored to be able to perform a wedding ceremony yesterday for two of my very close friends and it happened again.  It always happens after weddings.  Weddings just have a way of doing that to me.

I won’t go so far as to say I cry or anything like that, but every time I attend a wedding ceremony – especially when it’s a couple that I feel close to – I feel different afterwards.  I don’t leave the same way I came.  I leave with a renewed sense of appreciation at what God has given me in my wife Marianne and a rejuvenated desire to be the best husband I can be to her.

Why?  Maybe it’s because I see something that other wedding attendees don’t always get to see.  Most people sit in the pews and face front – focusing their attention on the bride and groom.  But I sit in the front and often face out – so I can see the people in the seats as well.

Who always sits in the first row during a wedding ceremony?  Who is most prominently displayed?

THE PARENTS!  MOM AND DAD – or should I say – your new IN-LAWS!

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We kicked off the highly anticipated new series yesterday, called REAL TALK: Adventures in Love, Sex & Dating.  

Part 1 of the series addressed one of the myths that so many of us have unfortunately been led to believe – “The Right Person” myth – which says “If I just marry the right person, everything will be alright.”  You wouldn’t fall for that one would you???

Just in case you’re not sure, you might want to check out the video message above and see for yourself.  Enjoy!

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